806-698-5710 (Laurie McKee, Director) & 806-698-5709 (Melinda Pine, Assistant Director) [email protected]

Owls Class (1 yr. old)

Teachers: Miranda Box and Lauren Uryasz


In the Owl Class, we will be focusing on sharing and treating our friends with respect, colors, letters, numbers, and shapes along with adding different Montessori jobs into our daily routine!

Owl Class Schedule

9:00    Welcome!
9:15    Grace Room or Outside-Play Time
9:45    Snack & Potty check
10:15    Craft Time
10:50     Music
11:10    Lunch & Potty Check
11:40    Story Time
12:00    Naptime
2:00    Wake up & Potty check
2:15- 2:45    Pack up, Play & Dismissal