806-698-5710 (Laurie McKee, Director) & 806-698-5709 (Melinda Pine, Assistant Director) [email protected]

Penguin Class (1 yr. old)

Teachers: Chelsea Armour and Courtney Blacklock

In the Penguin Class, we focus on getting used to a routine, sharing with our friends, staying in our chairs to eat, and learning about colors, shapes, letters, and numbers. The most important lesson is that Jesus loves us!

Penguin Class Schedule

9:00                Drop Off
9:15-9:30        Circle Time/Chapel (Tue/Thur)
9:30-10:00      Playtime
10:00-10:20    Music
10:20-10:45    Snack Time / Changing Time
10:45-11:30    Active play-learning
11:30-12:15    Lunch / Changing Time
12:15-12:30    Story Time
12:30-2:00      Nap Time
2:30-2:45        Play Before Going Home Time